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Times: Saturday 9:45-10:30am
weapons class

Sai and sword training
sai vs swordsword
Bo training
bo class


Kobudo is understood as weapons in Western culture, but translates as (Ko) Ancient (bu)Warrior (do) Way.

The weapons taught in class on alternating schedule:
Bo (Japanese staff)
Gwun (Chinese Staff)
Katana (Japanese sword)
Jiian (Chinese straight sword)
Dao (Chinese curved sword)
Tonfa (night stick)
Sai (3 prong tool)
Kama (short reaping tool)
Nunchaku (2 sticks+string)
Eiku (oar)
Knife (varied)
Escrima (short stick)

These weapons teach body movement and understanding for other arts. They also put the student in a position to bond with the weapon and make it an extention of themselves.


Iaido is the art of drawing and cutting with the sword. Iaido teaches a student an art of meditation and grace as well as an ancient form of weapons training. Unlike Kendo that deals with sport fencing, Iaido strives to end a conflict the minute the sword is drawn. This requires timing, control, and patience.