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Tuesday - 6:30 -7:30 pm
Saturday- 11:30- 12:30 pm



Tai chi Quan (or taiji) is a system of Kung Fu
that teaches balance, health, well being, and self defense without fear of injury most have in external styles.

white crane

Who can take classes?
Anyone can train regardless of age and ability. All that's required is the patience to train your skill.


Is this class is right for me?
Tai chi tends to be a slower class focused on balance, breathing, and centering yourself. Often people looking for meditation and relaxation train in this class. We also train in the self defense applications, which takes no previous experience only a willingness to learn.

brush knee


Below are student references of so people may practice at home. THIS DOES NOT TAKE THE PLACE OF A TEACHER.

video examples below
(not from our school)



Tai Chi 24 form
24 form pictures Pdf here 24 form text Pdf here

16 sword
(Our head teacher Shang Gao)

32 sword form
(Prof. Li Deyin)

Qi Kung (Chi Gong)
stretching and energy movement