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Kung fu (skill over time)kung fu
Wu shu (martial arts)

Saturday: (Kung fu forms)
10:30 am-11:30
Tuesday/ Thursday :
(MMA/Sanshou Sparring)
tiger stance
Doing tiger stance at a school demo

Who can do Kung Fu?
Anyone can do it who is willing to learn and adjust the moves to their age and body type.
Kung Fu is a widely misunderstood term. It does not mean martial arts but skill over time. Wushu is the term for martial arts in China, and it encompasses all forms of Martial arts.

Shaolin long fist is one of the most widely known styles and is seen and used by the majority of Kung fu actors such as Jet Li, Donnie, Yen, Jackie Chan, and Sammo Hung.

Although it is used in movies, long fist is a well respected system of self defense. At our school we do forms as well as self defense applications standing up and from the ground.



1st form
(Wu Bu Quan "5 animal fist"
demo by International Wushu Association)

Tan Tui (spring legs routine)