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Here is a testemonial from one of our students. It comes from dedication, but we are proud to be part of that story.


"Approaching 30 last year I decided it was time for a lifestyle change to become healthier and happier.   I jumped into my new uphill battle feet first: joined a gym and started eating healthier.  A few months after my journey began my sister and I decided to start kickboxing at Springfield Karate and Fitness and neither of us have looked back since.  Although I was apprehensive about a group class and what others may think, I very quickly found that the people, the instructors, and the atmosphere at SK&F were amazing.  There are people of all shapes, sizes, ages, and abilities and the encouragement I constantly receive is awesome.   I have learned so much that I am able to apply to my personal workouts and new eating lifestyle.   Each class I attend is different, and fun, and challenging; I never walk out without sweat pouring off me and I love it.   Since I decided to change my lifestyle 14 months ago I have lost over 80lbs, gone down 5 pant sizes, ran my first 5k  . . . and then ran my first 10k!  For someone who was not active at all this is a big accomplishment.  Changing my lifestyle is still an everyday battle to make healthy choices and it is HARD.  While my journey is not done and my new lifestyle is still evolving, I am much happier and healthier than I ever have been.   I never thought I would look forward to, let alone enjoy working out until I started kickboxing and for that I am grateful. " (KB Runner)
Update: this student is running half marathons now! Great job!

Testemonial #2
Wonder Woman

wonder woman

Think you can’t do it…..here is my story.  I had struggled with my weight since junior high school and by the time I graduated I was a whopping 225 pounds.  Keep in mind being 5’2”, I was as round as I was tall.  My weight loss journey began about 2001, about the age of 23, when I finally decided I was just tired of being tired.  I had spent all of my adult life up to that point of just being sedentary and eating.  In the beginning the most I was able to do was walk, so that is what I did.  One lap around the block daily, but I was doing it.  Then, I found a really cool show on PBS….how many of you remember “Body Electric”????  Yes, for about a year, three days a week I would tape this show and do this 30 workout in my basement.  All the while, I began what now call not dieting but “healthy eating”.   Just with these two little changes in my life, I was beginning to see results.  Then, in 2002, I was invited by two of my friends to try a kickboxing class.  To be honest, by the time the class was over, I didn’t know if I was still alive.  Well, one day a week, turned into two days a week, which turned into three.  By 2004, I was asked if I would be interested in teaching….and so I did. 
Now fast forward to 2013, at age 36, I decided to take up running.  I had never been a runner, in fact, I really could have never told you one positive thing about it, but for whatever reason, I thought what the heck.  Just like the day one back in 2002, I started at the beginning.  Just a short distances a few days a week and then gradually increased from there.  By the end of 2013, I had run 3 half-marathons.
In 2014 I will celebrate my 10th year of teaching at Springfield Karate and Fitness.  I can’t tell you the number of friendships I have made over the years.  It is such a joy to meet new people, share the same interests and have fun while working out.   I will not tell you that exercise is always easy or that you will always want to do it, but what I can tell you that the feeling you have afterward is worth more weight than gold.  I will turn 37 this year and I am in the best shape of my life.  “…Eventually you learn that the competition is against the little voice inside you that wants to quit”.  The hardest battle you will ever fight is the battle of the mind.  So, long story short, you can do it…….YOU ARE WORTH IT.  It is never too late to start living…..