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Sifu Gao

Shang Gao
Sifu Gao is our head instructor residing in St Louis, and oversees our programs in Springfield.
Shang Gao, certified 6th Duan senior coach of Chinese Wu Shu and senior engineer with advanced degree in computer science, and engineering, was born in Tianjin, China - a very famous martial arts city.
When he was still very young, he often stopped by and watched Wu Shu and Shuai Jiao in public parks. Sometimes, he would be the only audience left watching and forget to go home.
He started official Wu Shu training in 1978, including various modern Chang Quan or Long Fist, traditional Tan Tui, Shao Lin, Liu He, Fan Zi, Tai Zu, Chuo Jiao, etc.
Please see his official site here